Designed for both elegance in battle and exquisiteness, the lightsaber, also known as the “laser sword” by those unfamiliar with it, is a distinctive weapon whose image is invariably associated with the Jedi Order and its Sith opponents. The lightsaber is also becoming a symbol of the Jedi principles of peace and justice in the Galaxy. This feeling manages to persist, despite the many conflicts with the City and the Dark Jedi, who use lightsabers.

The weapon consists of a blade of pure plasma emitted by a handle and limited in a force field. The field retains the extreme heat of the plasma, protecting the user of the weapon, and preserves the shape of the blade. The handle is almost always made personally by the user to fit his needs, preferences and style. Due to the weightlessness of the plasma and the gyroscopic effect it creates, handling a lightsaber requires great strength and endurance, and it is extremely difficult and dangerous to use it by someone who is not trained to do so. But in the hands of someone in power, the lightsaber is an awe-inspiring weapon. Handling a lightsaber is a demonstration of exceptional skills and confidence, as well as masterful endurance and handling of the Force.

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The lightsaber

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