• January 11, 2021 12:14 pm
  • Sofia, Bulgaria
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For Iai-jutsu !

Training Iaito for Iaido!

Made to order!


Unique sound!

The only one that looks like that!

2.55 shaku

Length of blade: 77.3 cm. ;

Tsuka Length: 9.0 Sun 27.3 cm

The longer you use it, the better and the more it becomes a part of you when you paint with the sword.

Lightweight blade, reinforced zinc / aluminum alloy *, available up to 2.55 Shaku. Made in Japan.

Hamon: Notary. :

Tsuba: that features an angry dragon in a circle.

Saya: Kuroro. ;

Tsukaito – Cotton: Black;

Seppa: Brass;

Habaki Style: Muji:

Tsuka same: rare and limited black leather from Scat!

Menu: Brass:

Koiguchi: Metal;

Made in Japan

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