Bo-Katan was a confident woman and a ferocious warrior. A proud servant of the Death Watch, her mission was to restore the Mandalorians to their former glory. Katan was steadfast and loyal to her group and her leader Pre Vizsla, who, in turn, trusted Bo-Katan to lead the squad in his absence.

Katan wore a set of Mandalorian armor consisting of several separate plates in metallic gray and blue. A pair of round seals adorned the shoulder plates. A rangefinder and a characteristic Mandalorian T-visor were installed on the Katan helmet. The unique visor had a white trim, which, together with the detailing of the visor, resembled a bird of prey. Katan’s armor was equipped with numerous weapons, including rockets, blasters, and oversleeve knives. There were also two blaster pistols, which she carried in a holster on her thigh armor. On the armor was a jetpack for flights.

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